Haitian American Nurses Association of ILL

Haitian American Nurses Association of Ill…HANA of ILL launched its first Diner Meet…Nuova Italia in Addison, Ill…In the Village…What an experience…Meet & Greet…Envision…Plan…A grand surprise for Dr. Marie Etienne…Our Chief Liaisons of HANA Chapters…We’re on the move in Ill with Nicole Claude, Pres, Monique Germain, Vice-President, Paulalex Etienne, Secretary, W.O. RN and our Honorary Haitian, Attorney Marlin Kirby…What a Gwaan…His favorite words…We will keep you posted about our future events. We welcome your suggestions.


Nicole Claude, HANA of ILL

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Hear this…

On April 17, our local newspaper, Addison Independent, released an article entitled “ATHS, WBHS recognized as two of ‘America’s Most Challenging High Schools’ with a subtitle that reads ” A column submitted by District 88 Superintendent Scott Helton… This write up continues to say…

“But we continue to succeed at District 88 because of the dedication of our staff, Board of Education, parent/guardians and community members. Our students are achieving at the highest levels academically, as well as in sports and activities, and they continue to give back to their communities.

Because of that commitment Addison Trail and Willowbrook have once again been recognized as two of “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” by the Washington Post…

Addison Trail and Willowbrook have received this honor since 2011, and we recently were informed both schools ranked in the top 6 percent of U.S public high schools for 2014.

District 88 is proud to provide a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum for students to prepare them for college and careers, and these accomplishments would not be possible without everyone working together to build futures for our students. It’s because of your continued support that we’re able to move forward and achieve our mission of working for the continuous improvement of student achievement.

After reading this exciting publication, I quickly called my daughter, Alexandra, a 2011  Addison Trail High School’s graduate. She replied that Dr. Helton really likes the school, and she will make time to visit before school ends. It’s awesome to hear that ATHS’ past students stay connected and are proud of the education that they received from their well prepared Superintendent, Principal and teachers and all involved in preparing its students for a superb future. I will take this opportunity to share that my daughter was a previous Addison Trail’s Orchesis Dance Performer. These dancers are also featured in this issue. Today, Alexandra is a Uic Dancing Flames performer. On this April 12th, “UICDT is so excited to be bringing home a 3rd place NATIONAL title in Division 1 Hiphop! the Dancing Flames are now the highest nationally ranked team in the Horizon League and in Illinois”. Cheers!!!

I will take this opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Scott Helton as a previous Principal for giving me and my team the opportunity to educate his students at ATHS about my native country Haiti since 2009. I shared an article that I published entitled “Haiti Goes Pearl Again” in 2007. Also, we educated about Healthcare in Duchity, Haiti in collaboration with a committed Registered Nurse.

ATHS and Willowbrook as parents we’re proud of you and wish you continued success.


Nicole Claude  


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Meet Ambassador Guy Lamothe-An Interview

Originally posted on Thenicoleclaudeshow's Blog:

Mr. Ambassador Guy Lamothe, I am Nicole Claude from The Nicole Claude Show, thank you for your time as well as the opportunity to be in your entourage, it is an honor.

Q. First of all, how is your stay in Chi-Town or Chicago? Is this your first visit to Chicago?

A. Your Excellence answered that this is his first visit to Chicago.  He loves Chicago, the people and the city of Chicago has great potentials. He looks forward to travel soon and often.

Q. It has been published by our proud Consul General Lesly Conde that during your stay here you attended and participated at the 5th Annual Conference entitled “Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce” held at the McCormick Place, did this conference meet your expectations, if so how?

A. Yes, I feel very fortunate that I was invited by the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce.  This was my first time…

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Like Game

Here at Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan we’re building Like Game. A fun and easy game to play where every one is a winner. We appreciate your support.

We help build the 3 C’s: Community Relations, Community Well-being and Community Productivity.

We have reached our immediate goal of beyond 100 Likes today. Thank you to Nedjy Mrshaiti JnCharles our Like Leader Manager for taking on a SUCCESSFUL LEAD. IN 2 days from Bonjour to Like Leader now Like Leader Manager. This is Mrshaiti. Together we continue to build our commited teams.

Welcome to Like Game:

  • Tell a family and friend please
  • Please visit our page and give us a Like at Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan
  • Like anyone, anywhere, any time
  • Become a Like Leader
  • Become a Like Leader Manager
  • We welcome your partnership Like, Sponsorship Like, your community Like, Your family Like, your Radio party Like your school Like, your business Like, your Media Like, your work Like, your organization Like and more
  • Soon a Like Leader Report on The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM
  • Power hello while on air Power 102.1 FM every Monday from 8-10 PM CST (to clarify)
  • Power 102.1 FM our partner in Well-being
  • We appreciate your frequent feedback and commentary

Our immediate goal is to build 200 Like per our devoted LLM, Mrshaiti

Our long term goal is to build 10 million Likes to generate 10 million dollars

Our ultimate goal is to build a Health-Wealth Institute where your healthcare meets your wealthcare and the spice of Well-being with an emphasis on Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan


Nicole Claude@Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan


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The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1FM

Tune in this Monday as we feature Mr. Ilio Durandis, M.Sc., Molecular Biology- Project Coordinator. Our guest will speak about the Haitian Bioscience initiative and its fundraising activities. Stay tuned et Bonne ecoute from 8-10 PM CST direct a Chicago-Midwest, direct line 312 450 7736. Our show title is Abundance+Generosity and Networking with the spice of Science. The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM
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Meet Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega

Originally posted on Thenicoleclaudeshow's Blog:

On August 13, 2010 The Nicole Claude Show was given the opportunity to speak with our Deputy Prime Minister Vega while he was visiting the Greater Chicagoland.  He was vacationing with his family.  This conversation was held at a restaurant in Waukegan after an impromptu meeting with the Belizean community organized by Concerned Belizeans, Inc.

Deputy Vega told me that this is his first time visiting Chicago. He visited Navy Pier and was joined by his spouse for a stroll.  He also visited the Buckingham Fountain. Our Deputy appeared so content.  He continued to say that he [previously] lived in California.

Q. Deputy Vega who is family for you?

A. My wife and 5 children.

Q. What is their age range.

A. He gladly stated that they ranged from 28 to 7.  He is the father to two youngest ones their age is nine and seven.  He also said that his girls are born in the…

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The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM

Bonsoir auditeurs, auditrices and listeners thank you for taking the time to listen to The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM sur la Radio Continentale.  Studio 26-Power 102.1 FM direct a Chicago-Midwest. We’re simultaneously being broadcasted with Radio Cosmopolite or CS with Dugue Dumond.

Our Well-being segment was shared with an emphasis on Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan. Its definition, the plan to create a video about this healthy program. Our focus tonight was on…from Stressfull to Successfull and it takes work, work, work. Just imagine being Stressfull to the rim. Thank you for all the likes on fb at Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan page and Chef Lemaire, merci.

Tonight we feature a young, devoted professional here at Color of Hope-Rebuilding our Haiti Together. Our Hope Ambassador represented her devoted team. She called directly from Fl. We discussed the following topics:

  • Growing up in Haiti
  • Hope vision
  • Hope initiatives
  • How you can contribute to Color of Hope work here and in Haiti
  • Building Hope Ambassadors, Hope Agents and Hope Volunteers
  • Fundraising activities
  • Upcoming Save Haiti Bike Ride to be held in January 2014 in Fl
  • Technology Center
  • Hope team dynamics and spirit
  • Traveling to Haiti with Hope team after 20 years since my last visit
  • An invitation to continue contributing to Hope work in the near future, merci Marlee Lalanne
  • May 1rst Celebration at the Technology Center: games, science like Jean Crazy Lab, health+wealth
  • Power hellos to our Hope team
  • Community involvement and support
  • You tube vid that give some simple tips on traveling to Haiti by Marlee Lalanne
  • Communication: developing ourselves in the Creole language may be beneficial to our future growth and development, an opportunity for one to be fully self-expressed, for example

Contact info http://www.colorofhope.org

As always, mil and a big thank you to our Chief Executive Director, Chenet Nerette, hosts and staff at Power 102.1 FM

Demain l’ecole, travail, training Nicole Claude dit nou au revoir. Ce fut, ce fut The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1FM sur la Radio Continentale. You’re left Educated.Engaged.Revitalized.

a la prochaine,


Nicole Claude

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