Meet Ambassador Guy Lamothe-An Interview

Mr. Ambassador Guy Lamothe, I am Nicole Claude from The Nicole Claude Show, thank you for your time as well as the opportunity to be in your entourage, it is an honor.

Q. First of all, how is your stay in Chi-Town or Chicago? Is this your first visit to Chicago?

A. Your Excellence answered that this is his first visit to Chicago.  He loves Chicago, the people and the city of Chicago has great potentials. He looks forward to travel soon and often.

Q. It has been published by our proud Consul General Lesly Conde that during your stay here you attended and participated at the 5th Annual Conference entitled “Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce” held at the McCormick Place, did this conference meet your expectations, if so how?

A. Yes, I feel very fortunate that I was invited by the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce.  This was my first time attending.  It was a “good experience”.  Today I have greater respect for the Black Americans [African-Americans].  I was very impressed with their knowledge base about Haiti’s history and culture.  They are very compassionate about our current struggles, and are looking for ways to assist us in the rebuilding of Haiti.

Q. Second of all who is Guy Lamothe? and who is Ambassador Guy Lamothe to the people?

A. I am from Cap-Haitien.  I studied at the Institute Francais.  He continued to say “je suis un produit de la bonne administration Haitienne.”  Mes compliments I said.  He also mentioned that he reestablished himself in Haiti five years ago. He resided a l’exterieur for fifteen years.  His overall goal is to lead the nation of Haiti an its people to their highest potentials.  Per Ambassador Lamothe’s published abstract biography, Mr. Lamothe represented Hait in various countries in the Americas, and in Europe since 1990, including Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Holland, Luxembourg and Belgium serving as a Charge d’Affaires or Ambassador, Chief of Mission.

Q. During his recent visit to Chicago, The Honorable Prime Minister Dean Barrow eloquently stated that Belize is “prosperous.”  Can we expect a level of prosperity for our native country Haiti?  I take into account the recent earthquake which ravaged our nation.

A. Yes. We have the potentials and the opportunities to improve the standards of livng in Haiti or “to a better way.”  Now Haiti is like “un verre brise” and currently in need to put all the pieces back together.  How do we do that? He stated.  One way is to unify our potentials and eventually lead our way to a coorporative nation.

Q. Mr. Ambassador, in the Midwest a level of communication and  media coverage including print publication is lacking for the people of  Haiti and Caribbean descent, how can we create partnership with you?

A. Your Excellence said that he looks forward to expand with the diaspora in the area of communication and media.  He continued to say that his web site WWW.CFIHAITI.NET is launched and active.  As a matter of fact he received one thousand hits per day. He also stated that he updates his office’s site daily. 

He also plans to visit Chicago often.  He proudly commented that the Haitian community is young or “la communaute est jeune.”  We are approaching the second stage and we already started the rhythm.  He shared that it is important to broadcast the right information.  Mr. Ambassador also mentioned that an investment forum was held in Haiti in October 2009, and 450 businesses participated.  This conference was well received., “la perception a ete tres bonne.” 

Ambassador Lamothe proudly echoed that it is imperative that people and the diaspora visit Haiti, “les gens viennent en Haiti” as well as investing.

Mr. Ambassador Guy Lamothe once again thank you for your generous time.  Your ambition, knowledge, work, and modern diplomacy give us HOPE especially during this cirtical time in our life as we face many economic crisis. This interview or entretien was conducted in Creole, French and English. On se met a l’aise ou mete ou a l’aise, an endearing welcome saying by our Consul General Lesly Conde a Chicago.

From the desk of,

Nicole Claude


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I am Nicole Claude. Your Host of the Nicole Claude Show. Our mission statement is to bring communication to the less informed using my nursing background, culture and the language of love. Our motto is emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. de Nicole
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