Haiti, Chere

On Tuesday, October 12, at 7 pm, native Haitian and Addison resident Nicole Claude  presents “Haiti, Chere” at the Addison Public Library, 4 Friendship Plaza.  Join this celebration of the Haiti’s French/Creole culture and history along with music from French singer-song writer Eric vincent who is visiting from Paris, France.  Vincent has performed in many countries, Haiti is one of his favorite places and the inspiration for his signature song, “Haiti Kimbe Fo.”  Register for “Haiti, Chere” at Adult Services 630 458 3320 or on line http://www.addisonlibrary.org. This event and other Addison Library events were  published in The Addison Independent,  Addison Hometown Newspaper. We thank you.

After days of preparation the day came October 12.  Nicole Claude & Team were like kids in a candy store.  Poster at hand it was time to pick up Eric Vincent from O’Hare International airport, how exciting.  Eric was accompanied by his spouse Marie-Claude who also his manager.  It would have been mid day I thought that Eric was ready for une petite sieste, nop, au contraire, he was ready to go.  Eric was very pleased to visit this part of town, Addison.  The weather was welcoming.  On a eazy breezy, sunny day in the Chicagoland area we walked to the Addison Public Library.  There it was time to meet with Madame Schuster, Public Relations. As she said, you must be Eric.  It was then production time.

Well soon it was 7pm, lights , camera, action. the attendees were attentive and bright eyes to the presentation about Haiti.  One guest said that he “learned more about Haiti”, and most importantly it was a “cultural experience, very different.”  As one flyer said, Native Haitian Nicole Claude presents a celebration of Haiti’s French/Creole culture and history, French singer-song writer Eric Vincent, visiting the Chicagoland area from Paris, France, provides musical interludes.

During Eric Vincent’s preformance the audience had great fun singing along in French, yes they did with a surprising smile.  As always I enjoyed our sing along to “Haiti Kimbe Fo.”  I asked Eric how did he become inspired to dedicate this song to our endearing Haiti.  He replied that he wrote this song while he was visiting Jacmel, Haiti, et voila. With much enthusiasm I sang and danced. I must add that we had several French speaking countries in the house, France, Cameroon and Haiti.

We thank the Addison Public Library and Madame Schuster for making this presentation a memorable and historical one.  Also we will treasure Madame Schuster’s creative and colorful flyer designs. Ensemble on vous dit merci. (Together we say thank you).


Nicole Claude

About thenicoleclaudeshow

I am Nicole Claude. Your Host of the Nicole Claude Show. Our mission statement is to bring communication to the less informed using my nursing background, culture and the language of love. Our motto is emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. de Nicole
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