Eric Vincent & Friends

After many months and weeks of preparation, Eric Vincent is here to perform at the Little Bucharest Bistro located in Chicago. Our World Troubadour is ready to perform his signature song “Haiti Kimbe Fo” and more. A Dinner Show Fund Raiser-Paris meets Chicago and Chicago meets Haiti held on behalf of Midwest Communication Network. A soiree of sensual ballads, ecstatic rhythms and sing along awaits our audience. We thank Marta Nicholas, Radio Personality for sharing this event with her audience on WHPK.  Martha Nicholas hosts a weekly one hour show from 5-6pm.  Her show is called “Music around the World.”

 By early evening our exciting audience was seated awaiting for their “concert” to begin with Eric Vincent & Friends.  The event was ignited to the drums of Haiti by our favorite drummer, Daniel Desir, Executive Director of Tamboula Ethnic Dance  Company.  As the MC, I had the opportunity to welcome and greet our bright eyes audience. This evening was also a celebration to Midwest Communication Network, a new beginning. MCN is  a not for profit organization with one established goal to support our devoted and compassionate leaders in elevating the nation of Haiti to a better future or… “soulever le pays.”

As programmed, I performed Love… in a whisper to the haitian drums, it was well received by our guests and a hit.  Then it was time to hand over the microphone to our Chicagoan singer-actor, Chicago’s favorite Chanteuse, Claudia Hommel. We received exceptional feedback from our audience about Claudia’s performance.  As always Claudia, our local and international Chanteuse engages her audience and makes every song and word real in our world. To hear Claudia sing, “Mon Homme” from her CD entitled Paris in the Jazz Age, is superb, one of my favorite.  Claudia was accompanied by Accordonist, Yefim.

After Claudia’s performance, it was time for the one and only, Eric Vincent.  As you know this was an Encore presentation to Eric’s performance from October 2008 held at the newly refurbished known to us then as the Morse Theatre.  As a matter of fact, it was great to see some familiar guests thirsty for more.  It was also an opportun time to reconnect with Father Fritz from Naperville, Il. Eric Vincent also known as “The Artist”, “World Troubadour” adds culture and story telling to his performance style.  These moments always leave the audience with a chuckle.  The added plus or the spice for the audience is the sing along. One could be singing in Creole like “Haiti Kimbe Fo” or in French.  Eric made time to sign his new relased CD called Eric Vincent, l’or de l’instant.  As many fans I owned a signed copy and I made sure that my last one Eric Vincent survoi is current.

During intermission the Belizean dance ensemble, The Libayan Baba Cultural Dance Group danced whole heartedly to the belizean drums and songs.  It was a memorable and historical moment for the audience. They performed several “Freedom Dances.” There was an opportunity for the audience to particpate, that is to Punta, of course. I was busy practicing some Punta moves however one dancer reassured me that I “got it.” Only Belizeans know how to Punta said Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow during his April visit to Chicago. Chicagoans get your Punta on says Nicole Claude. Our warm thanks to Mrs. Laura Cacho from the Garifuna United Foundation Inc for creating this historical Garifuna moment.

We thank our audience for their full participation and much love to our performers.  According to one guest it was an “international, cultural journey” and another guest asked me if we “can do it again soon” and plans to invite other family members to attend our events. The answer is yes. We also thank our Maitre D Branco & staff at the Little Bucharest Bistro for a superb service and cuisine.

Overall we thank each one of you for making this event, Eric Vincent & Friends an extraordinary evening of international performances, and to our Web Designer, Reed Scott Adler from ReednWrite merci beaucoup. Please visit our Web site at

 Eric Vincent & Friends, a success! Another Nicole Claude Production.


Live from Chicago I am Nicole Claude.

A la prochaine

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I am Nicole Claude. Your Host of the Nicole Claude Show. Our mission statement is to bring communication to the less informed using my nursing background, culture and the language of love. Our motto is emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. de Nicole
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