Meet Mayor Daley

Who knew??? Yes the year was Feb 17, 2007 when Mayor Daley  was running for Mayor for the City of Chicago. Who knew that   election would be his last. Today his tenure is known as a 22 year run. On this aforemetnioned day per the invitation headline Chicago Voters were meeting with Mayor M. Daley at the Bethesda Lutheran School.  This gathering was organized by the Haitian American Voter Participation Organization in partnership with the African community.

Over the years the name Daley and Mayor Daley became synonymous with the City of Chicago. It was a great opportunity to meet and greet our then Mayor.  He is great with people or affable. Per  An affable person is someone who is gentle, gracious, approachable and easy and pleasant to speak to.

As the mayor of Chicago, Mayor Daley was known for being a visionary leader as a matter of fact many of the city’s facelift are attributed to his tenure. He is also known as the master builder for the city’s landscape, vibrant boom town, Navy Pier’s renovation, a #1 tourist attraction, Museum Campus, and the Millenium Park another huge tourist attraction. An ultimate favorite is Chicago Fashion Week. As Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Daley did great things for Chicago… direction for the future, to summarize Mayor daley caused a physical transformation of the city.  During an interview entitled Chicago’s Mayor-The Daley Years, the mayor had visited twenty six countries, created a  connection with China, has shown great love and passion for the City of Chicago. Mayor daley was also featured in Pluriel Magazine in Aug 2010 in an article called Belize Prime Minister visits Chicago. He also had a sense of humor, I said coocoo and I will say it again coocoo. To laugh is therapeutic.

As you may recall in 2010 Mayor Richard Daley says he will not run for re-election in 2011… while earlier this year White house chief of staff Rahm Emanuel voiced is mayoral ambitions… the primary is February 22, 2011 as reported by Americablog. This set the tone for our upcoming famous and historical Chicago’s elections called  The Race to Replace. Other mayoral candidates like former Senator Carol Mosley-Braun, Gery Chico, Miguel del Valle to name a few joined this mayoral race and campaigned until completion. I had the opportunity to meet two candidates  Mr. Chico and Mr. Williams. After much campaigning activities on  Feb 23, 2011 Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago. Mayor Daley is also known for bringing a diversity that works to the City of Chicago.

Moreover as mayor Daley presided at his last council meeting he was aknowledged by his council men for his work and contributions as the longest running mayor for the city of Chicago. He said that it is the greatest job in America with a big laugh.  Mayor Daley, Your Voice is on… Chicago is the Heart of America. Today on May 16, 2011 Chicago bids farewell to Mayor Richard M. Daley and welcomes Mayor Rahm Emanuel. As The World Turns new Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has touched and pressed the reset button with unleashed energy.

Photos by Owen G. Leroy-DigiWorld

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