Miss Hermanie Pierre, Miss Haiti International US 2012-The Interview


This interview was conducted over the phone with Miss Hermanie Pierre from her home in Arkansas. Our Q&A lasted 30 minutes on the evening of Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 6:30 pm. This session was not recorded.

Background information- Miss Hermanie Pierre currently represents Miss Haiti International US 2012. She is now competing for the Miss International title.

Who: Miss International-“Showcasing The Accomplishments of Today’s Young Women”

 What: http://www.miss-international.us/vcontestants.php

When: July 27 and 28th, 2012

Where: Northshore Center for the Performing Arts

Your vote, donations,, support, contributions, participation are welcome now!

Bonsoir Miss Hermanie Pierre, Miss Haiti International US 2012, welcome to The Nicole Claude Show.

How are you?

I am wonderful. How are you doing?

What is your inner experience right now as you prepare for Miss  International?

I am overwhelmed with joy, blessed and honored to represent my lovely country. How many people have the chance to bring a positive image for his/her country, not many.  That’s why I am so thankful to be known as Miss Haiti International. Haiti means a lot to me because I was born and raised there. Haiti is where I forged my character and learned life experience. Most of my family still live there. Haiti is the reason why I am so ambitious in life.

We must prepare our audience that Miss International 2012 will be held on July 27-28, 2012 in Chicago. Have you ever visited the City of Chicago.?

No, as a stop over. I never stay there.

Once a Haitian Chicago fan expressed that “rich Haitians” live in Chicago. What is your impression of Chicago and Chicagoans?

First of all, Chicago means a lot to me. It was discovered by its founder Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable. I know a lot of people who live in Chicago. I am confident that I will receive a lot of support an donations from them.

At a young age you graduated as a Civil Engineer, what does your profession entail?

A Civil Engineer works in design, construction, hydraulic, flood protection system, water distribution, technical work and more. Now my focus is construction. The field of Civil Engineering is truly about public works. As a Civil Engineer I have past experience in geotechnical engineering. I am a visionary.  I like to take a piece of paper and design buildings, bridges, highways and most importantly turn it into reality. I am currently working on a $90 million dollar project. I am fortunate to be part of this amazing and growing team.

Do you have a favorite project that you completed?

The small projects  mean the same to me as the large ones. I learn from each one of them.

Tell me about your life, childhood and your family?

I am the oldest of 4. I was born and raised in Haiti. I immigrated  to the United States at the age of 14. I follow my parents’ advice which is to stay in school. I earned my Bachelor Degree from Tennessee State University in 2010. I am currently studying for my Masters as an Industrial Engineer.

 According to your bio, you immigrated to the United States at the tender age of 14 just like me. I was fascinated by the roads, regular stop signs, and  enjoyed learning English, how did you adapt to living here, a new country?

It was not easy. Learning English was not easy either. I find that the English language is a difficult language to learn. I live within my Haitian culture and kept all my values.

What is Miss International? What is the difference between Miss International and Miss Universe?

Miss International is about making a difference in the community. There is a large emphasis on the interview process. We dress in sport wear instead of swim wear. Miss Hermanie continued to say that the Interview Competition is valued at 40% of their total score, the Evening Gown valued for 20%, Sport Wear for 20% and Fun Fashion Wear for 20%. I have an opportunity to promote my platform which is “A Better Tomorrow for Today’s Children:Building A New Generation”.

You have won three crowns such as Miss Saline County USA, Miss Northeast Arkansas and Miss Arkansas. You currently represent Miss Haiti International US 2012,  what is the experience of being crowned like?

I was crown as Miss Haiti which is a huge responsibility. Being crowned is not so much about wearing the crown. Moreover it’s an opportunity to reach out to people and eventually more doors are open. As Hermanie alone, I am limited. For example, when I wear the crown people are more likely and free to approach and ask me their questions about my platform which is “A Better Tomorrow for Today’s Children:Building a New Generation”.

Your ultimate goal is to win the crown for Miss International with confidence, your favorite word, what the first thing that you would do?

…making a difference by accomplishing as much as I can as Miss Haiti International US 2012. On the other hand, as Miss International, I would take advantage of the crown by helping native Haitians build a better live and expand to other nations, a worldwide phenomenon.

According to your bio, you wrote that your platform is “A Better Tomorrow for Today’s Children:Building A New Generation” please tell us about your vision?

In order for us to have a better tomorrow, it’s important that we start now.  We have to make a difference today, and give them [children] the help that they need now. The more that I help them today the better their future will be tomorrow.

How can the Haitian community help you in your endeavors as Miss International? What are your requests?

Ask them to sponsor me. Their sponsorship and donations will support the monetary funds that I need. I will appreciate any donations that one can give on my behalf. Ask them to vote for me now, today at the Miss International web site or


How can the Haitian community and the public reach you?

Call me directly at 866-241-9848

Go to my web site at http://www.hermaniepierre.com to find out more information about me and check out Hermanie’s mall page.

I am just really blessed to participate as Miss Haiti International in the upcoming Miss International 2012 talent event, and be able to represent Haiti more than anything else. I am passionate about Haiti, the people and children around the world.

During our correspondence these entities like Haiti, confidence, youth and education resonate as your platform, am I correct?

I focus on medical, educational and  nutritional needs. I help Haitian families and children gain access in those areas. I currently volunteer for two not for profit organizations both with a US base. I serve as a Public Relations Director for “A little Piece of Heaven Foundation”. I am also a Board member and spoke person for this other organization called “Haitian Organization for Health Services or (HOHS)”.

Do you travel to Haiti, if yes what was your purpose?

I just returned from Haiti on May14. I traveled to visit my grand -mother. There, I visited Mirebalais to help paint a hospital. I also met with this committed Christian organization called “Convoy of Hope”. As a Public Figure, we discussed ways that I can be of service while they are helping the Haitian natives. “Technically I went there to work”. It really makes my heart sing. The people that I helped were also my family.

I recently visited my place of birth Haiti, New York, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Florida, and many cities locally. I am in contact with the Haitian Consulate in Chicago. I will travel to Chicago for the 4th of July week-end. Traveling allows me to promote my platform, gain sponsorship and make direct contacts.

Miss Hermanie, Miss Haiti International US 2012 thank you for taking the time to be  on The Nicole Claude Show out of your busy schedule. We, the Haitian community,  are rooting for you in winning the Miss International crown.

See you a Chicago!

I really appreciate…

written by Nicole Claude

The Nicole Claude Show, LTD

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