SuperExcellent Day, a series

Well, it’s past 2:00 PM CST in Illinois, you probably are wondering what happened to me yesterday after taking the rest of the day off. En French, we say, j’ai commi une gaffe or I made an error. What’s that you may ask? I was getting nappy, and I thought that I will take my nap in bed this time instead of my current location which was my contemporary chair that rocks, my favorite hang out at home. The mistake was that I got up from my seat to go to bed and lahitay cop mouin, (in need of comfort), and el nap was goneno. I was upset. Perhaps in a grown up nap there is no preparation for one beside being safe in the moment. It just takes you away like a “Calgon Bath”. The best is when I wake up from my celestial moment and I find myself slightly disoriented, YOOHOO! Kote mouin ye la ein, where am I?

The other suprise during my SuperExcellent Day was that by 8:00 PM I was very tempted to take a pick at several online activities. It was a battle where I remained tenacious just like my nap saying to myself, you’re off, remember. Eventually, I resisted temptation. To reward myself I had a spa pedicure done by me, how lovely!

I woke this morning at 10:00 am. I slept 11 hours  as my award ceremony continued.

As the nap conversation continues in my SuperExcellent Day, I remember a nurse friend colleague reported after her trip to Martinique was perhaps a fiasco because the whole country shuts down because everyone is taking a siesta. A siesta I responded that’s why I love Martinique and the island lifestyle because we slow the pace down. Are we still taking siesta or faire la sieste en Haiti. Moreover, do we take nap in America?

I just completed my “10,000 steps” for today. I probably will forgo a nap for today because I am revitalized plus. This is what I feel like! Courtesy my neighbor’s flowers.

Image Thank you for your readership and your generous comment. I will share one with you which goes like this.

…”I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there.” SMS…

Once again thank you for your contribution.

Now, it’s time for Popcorn, pop!


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I am Nicole Claude. Your Host of the Nicole Claude Show. Our mission statement is to bring communication to the less informed using my nursing background, culture and the language of love. Our motto is emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. de Nicole
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