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I also talked about the transformation of the bad S’s such as suffering, struggling, scarcity that can lead to starvation, and without forgetting the bad H’s such as haveless, homeless and hopeless. I remain speechless that we, as a society tolerate people being homeless, who created such category? A possible campaign is “Code Home to a zip code” and the people as well as families affected are also trained and developed at Your Health+Wealth Care Management Plan. Together we would have increased our community productivity and more, a social breakthrough- a new way of living. We’re simultaneously being broadcasted at Radio Cosmopolite, thank you

My guest tonight was Haitian Chef Alain Lemaire, Executive Chef and a Consultant who called Studio 26 at Power 102.1 FM directly from South Florida. WoW, what a treat!!! Chef Lemaire is also lock in to travel to Chicago-Midwest, winter no problem.

We also discussed the followings with Chef Alain Lemaire:

  • His passion for Culinary art and Cuisine with a Haitian/Caribbean focus
  • His work experience
  • Haitian gastronomy
  • How to minimize our daily salt intake and available products and substitution
  • The sense of hearing in Culinary art what it means and its significance
  • A Board of Directors at The Haitian Culinary Alliance in the USA
  • Owner/Partner of Sensory delights Catering Soleil Entertainment LLC
  • His love for Festivals and their prep time
  • Introduced his upcoming festival call “A Culinary Affair in Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival” on Friday Nov 8th, 2013
  • Sommelier
  • Power Hellos
  • His current and future goals like coaching and mentoring our young Haitian adults and a trip to Chicago-Midwest.

As our series continues this was another Abundance+Generosity show. You’re left Educated.Engaged.Revitalized

As always mil thanks to Chenet Nerette, Chief Executive Director, hosts and staff here at Power 102.1 FM sur la Radio Continentale 


a la prochaine,


Nicole Claude

The Nicole Claude Show- Your voice is on Power 102.1 FM

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I am Nicole Claude. Your Host of the Nicole Claude Show. Our mission statement is to bring communication to the less informed using my nursing background, culture and the language of love. Our motto is emancipation of the human spirit, expansion and empowerment. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole. de Nicole
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