Winter 2010

As cold as it is in Chicago, life goes on for Chicagoans and people living in the Midwest. We eat, dance, party, and most importantly we work.  Thank you for being our committed readers. We look forward to ignite this new year 2011 together, and of course with you in mind.

Over the past months, each season we created our haute couture word. We have also designed our Friday-Pay Day blog. It has been a lot fun. This winter season we are happy to reveal and unveil that our haute couture word is job creation.  That is job creation everywhere.

What an excellent platform to finish this year 2010 and start the New Year 2011, a harvesting year- we are starting anew. During this year 2010, we caused an employment status shift.  However in this new year 2011, we go beyond a “status” we are unlimited, unleashed and express-every day is Thanksgiving.  Enjoy! Get ready set go…

Un, deux, trois… Happy New Year 2011.  Bonne Annee 2011


Nicole Claude-Empowering.Thriving.Expert


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